Your Bar

We understand that you require flexible options. We can advise you on the creation of your bar and give you dedicated attention throughout the development, packaging, production and transport process. Options are only helpful when you have someone knowledgeable to guide you through them. From the start, you will be guided through a careful step-by-step process that leads to your perfect bar. We evaluate the best production technology, quality and supply chain options.

We are a (fast) growing company, because we appreciate the small things. Your order will be handled with care and the quality and taste of each bar will remind you of why we are in this business: because we just love bars.

Briefing & tasting

In this stage you come to us with your wishes regarding the bar you want. We discuss the possibilities with you and you get to taste reference samples. As we produce private label only, we cannot provide you with a catalogue and prices. Every recipe is unique for each customer and prices depend on the choice of ingredients. The Business Development Manager will discuss all possibilities with you, guiding you to your perfect bar within your requirements of price and minimum order quantities. This minimum order quantity (MOQ) normally would be between 15,000 and 50,000 bars per production run, depending on the type of bar.

Kitchen sample

In this stage, you tasted the reference samples and we helped you channelling your ideas to a few options. Our Product Development Department will translate these into unique bar recipes. Our specialized kitchen staff will then make your customized samples by hand in our test kitchen. These samples will be used for your and our evaluation of structure, appearance and taste.

Your selection

Once you received your samples, you can organize a tasting session within your company. After that you can let us know whether your perfect bar was amongst the samples. If that is not the case, you can inform us about the changes you wish to make. Eventually, we will get to your perfect bar(s). This process, from briefing to “say yes to the bar” could be finished in about 8 weeks in case of first time right. Every next round of new sampling adds weeks to the process.


Your bar’s packaging should make a great first impression. It is also the first stop for consumers searching for allergy information, nutritional values and ingredients. We work with a selection of printing companies where we can have your packaging produced according to your wishes. During the preparation process, all aspects (physical sizes, properties, designs and legislation) of packaging will be discussed with you to be sure that you get the best solution. Our modern packaging options are at your disposal to meet whatever market demand you have in mind. The design process is in your own hands. However, we will advise you along the way, particularly with reference to legislation: what’s allowed to mention on the packaging? We will also do a final check on your design before you send it to our printing company.

Your bar in production

Now it’s really going to happen: production (and packing) of Your Bar! We have several production lines that start from 15000-50000 bars as not every bar can be produced on every line. The time from briefing to production varies a lot, depending on several factors. During the briefing, the Business Development Manager will provide you with a roadmap so that you get an idea of the delivery time for Your Bar.

Quality control

We have a particular way of doing things in order to guarantee the perfect bar you asked for. Whether you have a few simple ingredients or a lot of special ones, you can be sure that your bar has gone through a rigorous quality control from the beginning. It’s not only about the ingredients in your bar, it is about the overall process. Before your bars are ready for transport, our Quality Department does a final check.


We can deliver your bars all over the world. Transport costs depend on where you would like your bars to be delivered. To guarantee flawless and temperature controlled transport (between 15-22 °C) and not in the least to unburden you, our advice would be to let us arrange transport for you.


To guarantee the average shelf life of 12 months, we urgently advise to store your bars at a temperature between 15-22 °C. Chocolate for example, can turn white when not kept at the right temperature. Unfortunately we do not have extensive storage capacity so we cannot keep your bars in store for you.

Watch your bar in production