Product Development

We like to think of ourselves as chameleons. Whether you want thousands (with a minimum of 15.000) or millions of bars, you have our full attention. Regardless the number, each bar emerges perfectly shaped and with an amazing taste. With our specialized equipment we produce bars with many different product characteristics. Nice and soft nougat type bars, super crunchy, multi-layer, with caramel layer and sprinkled nuts, uncoated or with Belgian chocolate, you name it and we will make it. You can choose from 9 different coatings or no coating at all.

Our bite sizes are the solution for athletes who don’t want to eat a whole bar at once and prefer to dose their energy intake. No more sticky left-overs in a wrapper but smaller pieces that can easily be taken when needed. For recreational sportsmen, bite sizes in a bag offer the possibility to share easily. This emphasizes the social element of (recreational) sports.

Product Development

Recipe for success

Our R&D people know that all of the elements that make the bar, must work together. This is why each ingredient we add to a recipe is carefully weighed. The value of a single ingredient is measured by what it adds to the whole. We constantly evaluate: what’s the contribution of this ingredient, what does it do to the taste and what is its effect on costs? Everything needs to be balanced. A bar may be enjoyed from the outside in, but the making of a beautiful bar begins with the inside.

We have shelves and shelves of ingredients that are waiting to be turned into your unique bar. However, having a wide range of ingredients doesn’t always translate into good taste. You can have a thousand flavours, but what you really need is taste. That’s why we have flavour specialists. These gifted people understand the perfect recipe that will deliver the exact experience you desire. They work with ingredients that have been sourced from around the world; ingredients that have traceable origins.

It is even possible to use your own unique ingredient or your own recipe if you have one. We will then evaluate whether or not this can be used in a bar. There are no wrong answers or bad ideas. Together we can take limitless options and turn them into your perfect bar. We are sure that whatever you throw our way can be turned into the right idea with the right ingredients, delivered in just the right way for your company.

Nowadays, the conscious consumer focuses more and more on health, well-being and environment. The bars developed by VSI can be made from 100% natural and organic ingredients. Also the use of Fair Trade (raw) materials gains importance. VSI cooperates with numerous suppliers of functional ingredients to bring you the best and most innovative ingredients. Besides that, we are equipped to produce gluten free, lactose free and halal. Furthermore we are looking at the possibilities for producing kosher.


We believe anything is possible until proven different. We are constantly studying on new ingredients and are picking up innovative challenges. By means of this experimentation we learn new things, which we then use to create your bar. Exploring is our passion and we never stop trying. We get energized about endless, delicious ideas. Our way of working is to approach you and your vision with an open mind.


It's not a matter of taste (it's about proven quality)

Surprises are great, but not when it comes to the quality of your product. We have a particular way of doing things in order to guarantee the perfect bar you asked for. Whether you have a few simple ingredients or a lot of special ones, you can be sure that your bar has gone through a rigorous quality process from the beginning. It's not only about the ingredients in your bar, it is about the overall process. Quality is not a matter of taste, it's something that needs to be proven over and over again.

Essential for the reputation of VSI is your trust in the quality and safety of your bars. Therefore we strive to get the highest Food Quality and Safety standards in all departments. Higher level BRC Global Standard Certification and IFS practices are an integral part of each step of the process, within every department, from idea to production. These standards are constantly monitored, from the suppliers we use to the operational management we employ. Next to that, we are registered at Informed-Sport (in which we stand for not using any doping substances in our products) and are also certified to produce organic bars.