We develop private label bars with a wide variety in taste, colour, texture and overall impression to meet your customer’s wishes no matter in which category they fit. Our wide variety of ingredients and cutting-edge equipment allow us to play with the structure and texture of your bar. Depending on the ingredients that you choose for your bar, there are many possibilities for the design. Soft protein bars, flavourful diet bars and crunchy snack bars are just the beginning.

We can add chunks of nuts, layers of caramel, lashings of chocolate or fruit pieces. In addition to incorporating these into your bar, we also follow strict protocol to ensure the correct use of additives, vitamins and minerals. And all of this is possible in any of the categories as mentioned below. For sure, VSI is able to develop Your Bar as well!

In our modern society, weight management has become increasingly important. Keeping fit not only involves exercise and a healthy lifestyle, but also proper, balanced nutrition. For a long time, we have been involved in the development and production of bars that fit into a well-balanced diet. Regardless whether your bar is for weight loss or weight management, VSI has the tools and knowledge to meet the needs of this often complex area of nutrition. The meal replacement bars or weight management snacks can be developed to work with every type of diet or weight management philosophy, whether that will be low carb, high protein, low fat or low calorie. Also specific ingredients can be used to achieve specific properties like hunger control, lowering the blood sugar level or satiety feeling.

In our products we combine functionality with pleasant eating properties (in taste as well as texture). With new technologies, new ingredients and gaining insight into the influence of ingredients on product characteristics, our bars have come to a point that they come very close to benchmark products in candy and chocolate. Diet food bars meet candy “standards”. VSI bars are the proof that dieting doesn’t necessarily have to be a punishment.

Every athlete can tell you that a well-balanced diet is essential for optimal sports performance. Moreover, for many people sports have become part of a healthy way of living. Bars easily fit into this lifestyle because of their natural, healthy properties. They are also very convenient for the athlete on-the-go. We have the tools to create your unique sports bar to any dimension, weight and composition.

Energy bars: For energy supply before, during or after sports, different types of carbohydrates can be used for an immediate energy boost, for a sustained energy release or a combination of both.

Recovery bars: For use after sports or exercise. These bars give a perfect balance of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates to re-fuel the muscles and high quality proteins for building lean muscle tissue.

High Protein bars: For recovery and building muscle mass, proteins are needed. VSI is capable of developing bars with a protein content of over 50% without compromising on excellent taste and texture of the bar.

You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete these days to realise the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Everywhere around us is evidence of a growing demand for nutritious, healthy food. This is where functional supplements come in. These vitamins and minerals have already been fully embraced as core ingredients in food. Not only this, but they have demonstrated their positive effect on health, metabolism and endurance, as well as the performance of body and mind. We can customise bars that meet the needs of the most demanding consumer (or that one who is simply looking for a healthy boost). For example bars especially for children, pregnant women or elderly people.

Bars don’t always have to serve a higher purpose. They can just be a nice, delicious snack or an alternative to sweets and refined candy. Made from natural ingredients, the bars we create for you are ideal as a healthy snack between meals. The number of tasty ingredients that can be used are endless. Different cereals and grains can be formed into a suitable breakfast alternative. A bar made entirely of fruit can serve as your five-a-day. With all of the different combinations of natural, healthy ingredients out there, the possibilities are endless.

Endless possibilities

(the proof is in the eating)


It's not a matter of taste (it's about proven quality)

Surprises are great, but not when it comes to the quality of your product. We have a particular way of doing things in order to guarantee the perfect bar you asked for. Whether you have a few simple ingredients or a lot of special ones, you can be sure that your bar has gone through a rigorous quality process from the beginning. It's not only about the ingredients in your bar, it is about the overall process. Quality is not a matter of taste, it's something that needs to be proven over and over again.

Essential for the reputation of VSI is your trust in the quality and safety of your bars. Therefore we strive to get the highest Food Quality and Safety standards in all departments. Higher level BRC Global Standard Certification and IFS practices are an integral part of each step of the process, within every department, from idea to production. These standards are constantly monitored, from the suppliers we use to the operational management we employ. Next to that, we are registered at Informed-Sport (in which we stand for not using any doping substances in our products) and are also certified to produce organic bars.