About us

VSI is a leading producer of nutrition bars in Europe. We produce solely customer specific products for brand owners or for private label. For us, every customer and every bar is unique. We do not have our own brands and we do not sell bars directly to consumers.

Over the years, we’ve seen just about everything and created the bars people have only dreamed of. It takes a lot of experience to get it just right. Since we only produce bars, and bars alone, every ounce of knowledge is invested into making the exact bar you need. Every bar we produce teaches us a little bit more about creating ‘the perfect bar’. That is why we say: a good bar takes years.

  • 1976

    VSI started as a producer of sausage rolls and other puff pastry products. At that time, only 4 people worked at the company. Since the start up, VSI has built a solid reputation as a reliable manufacturer.

  • 1987

    Three years after VSI started a muesli roasting activity, the first a bar production line was installed. This line is currently our oldest production line. In this year the number of personnel doubled to approximately 8, but of course we did not yet have a Product Development department as we do now. However, one of the employees was a patisserie specialist and he began to experiment with making muesli bars. Because that is the only kind of bar we made back then: muesli bars!

  • 1999

    Family owners buy the company.

  • 2002

    In the meantime, VSI got so successful in the development and production of bars, that a new and bigger production location was needed. Bar business was prospering and VSI decided that a new factory had to be built dedicated to manufacturing bars. This new factory was opened in 2002, with a new production line installed, giving VSI a significant increase in production capacity.

  • 2003

    The focus on bars lead to the sale of the puff pastry and bakery lines in 2003 and to the disinvestment of the roasting activities.

  • 2005

    The warehouse was expanded to increase storage capacities. In the meantime, the number of personnel has gone up to almost a hundred.

  • 2008

    Further increase of storage capacity.


In this year a third production and packaging line was installed to fulfil the demand of bars. A new line with new possibilities for bar textures and packaging options. New types of double layer bars, Jelly and Caramel layers and Chocolate drizzles came within reach. Besides, we keep growing in number of personnel: over 150 in 2010.

  • 2011

    With the increasing bar demands in 2010 and 2011, we needed further investments to get VSI ready for the future. A new distribution centre was finished in November 2011.

  • 2012

    To meet the demands in production, a brand new production location with two, top of the range, production lines was opened in April of 2012. These new lines brought new exciting product possibilities and gave us room for growth in the next few years.

  • 2013

    Acquisition by NPM-capital (60% of shares). And VSI keeps growing and growing. In this year we passed the number of 200 employees.

  • 2015

    Acquisition by Hearthside Food Solutions (www.hearthsidefoods.com). Hearthside is the food industry's largest contract manufacturer of baked goods and bars. With 23 facilities in North America and Europe produce high quality bars, baked foods, snacks and packaging services.

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It's not a matter of taste (it's about proven quality)

Surprises are great, but not when it comes to the quality of your product. We have a particular way of doing things in order to guarantee the perfect bar you asked for. Whether you have a few simple ingredients or a lot of special ones, you can be sure that your bar has gone through a rigorous quality process from the beginning. It's not only about the ingredients in your bar, it is about the overall process. Quality is not a matter of taste, it's something that needs to be proven over and over again.

Essential for the reputation of VSI is your trust in the quality and safety of your bars. Therefore we strive to get the highest Food Quality and Safety standards in all departments. Higher level BRC Global Standard Certification and IFS practices are an integral part of each step of the process, within every department, from idea to production. These standards are constantly monitored, from the suppliers we use to the operational management we employ. Next to that, we are registered at Informed-Sport (in which we stand for not using any doping substances in our products) and are also certified to produce organic bars.